As snow continues to melt and fade away, it’s time to start thinking about how to rebuild and revive your landscape for the spring and summer months. Many homeowners know that fertilizers, mulch and weed deterrents are all important pieces of bringing a lawn back to life, but how safe are they? Inorganic products are laden with chemicals that aren’t necessarily beneficial to your landscape, the environment or your family, which is why we recommend organic lawn care products to establish a healthy landscape.

A common misconception about organic lawn care is that it’s time consuming and costly, but in fact it’s quite the opposite. While standard lawn care products may be more fast acting, organic products work to establish a healthy lawn for the long run by working with nature. There are many benefits to organic lawn care, but here are our top 5 reasons that you should make the switch to organic products:

Environmental Safety

Standard fertilizers and pesticides contain chemicals, like nitrogen, that can wash away and enter water systems like streams and lakes and affect groundwater that feeds wells. These products, while seemingly fast acting are also quickly harming our surroundings. Organic fertilizers reduce the risk of chemicals seeping into the environment.

Human & Pet Safety

When harmful chemicals enter our environment they’re not only affecting nature, but humans and animals too. Chemicals that are in our groundwater can leach into our wells and water systems, affecting our drinking water as well as the soil, greens and water animals feed from.

Soil Health

While organic fertilizers feed both plants and soil, chemical fertilizers can actually repel important microorganisms in soil because they do not provide a sufficient food source. By using organic fertilizers you’ll also improve the pH level in the soil as well as add important and necessary nutrients. Over time organic fertilizers will create a healthy soil foundation for your greenery.

Root & Plant Health

With healthy soil comes healthy roots and plant growth. The more air circulation, nutrients and microorganisms within your soil, the deeper and stronger plant roots will become. Instead of treating your landscape with a fast acting, but harmful solution, consider an organic approach that will build a stronger foundation for your lawn, keeping it healthy for years to come.
If you’re interested in an annual organic lawn care plan, our professionals at Nature’s Choice can help you establish a healthy lawn from the ground up. Call us or click here for a quote!